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The Understanding Autism Organization is a U.S. charitable social service non-profit of Oregon. We have provided needed adaptive resources to the Autism community locally and around the PNW since 1992 and globally online since 1995. In 2012, for our 20th anniversary, we changed our name and logo type THRESHOLD to match our website understandingautism.org.

A distinctive aspect of our charitable non-profit mission journey is that we have always sought to provide alternative Autism information, services, programs, and training resources that are not available from other sources. As those outcomes lead other organizations to provide those same options or there are changes in our organizational assets, Autism community needs, or available technologies then we adapt our mission goals and work to fill in other resource gaps in the Autism community network. Upon our 25th Anniversary as an Oregon NPO in 2017, a convergence of our learning from our past mission outcomes and such significant changes occurring over the last decade since 2008 moved our small flexible non-profit to strive to complete all previous mission goals. This achievement will allow us to utilize the Autism information and resources that we have accumulated. Then, we may offer radical Autism allyship guides, sustainable life spanning service plan maps, new Autism media programming, and provider training resources online through our web platform, social media, program activities video bank, and adaptive materials research and design lab site. We hope you will follow along as we move forward to our 2021 mission goal line.

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