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As members of the Autism community know well--change is difficult--and big changes are very difficult. However, sometimes change is necessary to solve new problems and to realize new potentials. This is true for our old web site. We needed update information and redesign our THRESHOLD web site in ways that will let  incorporate both current research and our new visual identity as The Understanding Autism Organization. Please bear with us at this time because we are also relocating our local model educational-residential-vocational-recreational program site.

When we first launched our THRESHOLD/understandingautism.org web site in 2004 the key word phrase "understanding autism" yielded zero results. Ten years later our efforts to make this a new Autism information focus has yielded millions of search links and a number of important publications under that title. Now it is time for us to update our information based and to move onto the next step of providing new ways of helping people with and without Autism better survive, live, work, and cope with the mutual impacts of Autism through better understanding of this condition.

While we are redesigning the website we will share how things are going here on this temporary site provided by Hostway our webserver. While it will be a small and simpler web resource we hope it will provide a bridge between the old web site and the new online learning platform to come.