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The Understanding Autism Organization
(formerly THRESHOLD 1992-2012, now a registered DBA)

Our New Charitable Nonprofit Mission Statement:

The scientifc, educational, literary, and humane charitable purposes of the corporations are to research, develop, provide, and facilitate best practices in information brokering, resource adaptation, model training, and positive life span supports in relation to people with Autism and their families and providers.

Our Non-Discrimination Policy Statement:

The Understanding Autism Organization (formerly THRESHOLD now a DBA registration) shall not discriminate on the basis of any person's biosocial identity, including, but not limited to, race, color, creed, ancestry, ethnicity, national origins, citizenship, gender, or sexual orientation. Our mission is to activity promote the inclusion of people suriving, coping, living, and working with significant able-loss over our life spans. As an organization committed to a better understanding of Autism across our diverse cultural and functional worlds we proactively participate in anti-ableism action work as the bedrock of an authentically inclusive approach to biosocial diversity education.